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Summerbruise - The View Never Changes LP Vinyl

Summerbruise - The View Never Changes LP Vinyl

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The View Never Changes is a lightning round of an LP, with its runtime sticking around just long enough for the listener to completely get Summerbruise's game: highly-detailed tales of existential malaise deep-fried in killer hooks and jump-along drum parts. Aside from occasional studio embellishments (like the underscoring brass in songs like With Friends Like These, Who Needs Empathy? or the bubbly piano intro in Thanks!), the album well-communicates the band's roots as a power duo built not only on musicianship, but also deep friendship. Heavyweight guitar chords carry most of the tracks here, yet the band is able to sneak in a few impressive dynamic moments throughout the project's eight tracks that help ground the listener throughout the bash.

Mike and Stan's best qualities have been brought out in part by Toledo, Ohio producer Steven Warstler, who helped dress the songs up just enough while still adhering to the band's scrappy nature. The past and future of Summerbruise convene right here at their most polished effort to date, one that is sure to be a touchstone for fans to revisit for years to come. Despite little initial fanfare, press, or promotion, it's no wonder The View Never Changes has spent the last year growing into a DIY-emo sleeper hit.

Originally released June 9, 2022.


Side A
1. Kayfabing the Boys
2. Brain Chowder
3. (Plea to a Cat Named) Spaghetti
4. With Friends Like These, Who Needs Empathy?

Side B
5. Happy Hour 2
6. Roses (Stanley's Song)
7. Thanks!
8. Quitting in the Name


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